"Celeste Lullaby" for Neo Blythe

  • This outfit has been made with a lot of care and love, using first quality materials, this set may not be reproduced again in the future, This set will take about 3 - 4 weeks to be made and be shipped to you.

    This set includes three pieces

    • Dress This dress is made with beautiful vintage chiffon pleated trim, decorated with vintage nylon lace, tiny silk bows. Close at the back with metallic snaps.
    • Stocks Made with soft knited fabric.
    • Cape Made gold padded fabric, minky fur fabric, lined on the inside. Decorated with a Taffeta bow.

    Doll, shoes, hat, stand or any other item not listed above are not included.

  • All sales are final and ChuThings did not accept returns or refunds, but if you are unsatisfied with your doll outfits please feel free to contact me to see what can we do for you.