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​How do I

place an order?

To place an order in a current open pre order outfit you should go to the shop section, click the item you want to purchase, add it to your cart and then proceed to check out. Check out allows you to add your shipping method and information and also make the payment for the item.



& Shipping

Paypal is the only payment accepted for now by ChuThings, so please, be sure you have a paypal account before your purchase. 

Shipping costs and times varies depending of your residential country; some places may take from 2 weeks and others about a month. I really appreciate your patience.

If you choose as shipping method regular mail, ChuThings won't be responsible for any loss of any parcel, so please, take this in consideration while choosing your shipping method. 


How often the store is updated?

ChuThings store updates happens about once per month. To know what and when things will be up for pre order you can check our social media links (such as instagram and facebook).
Sometimes ChuThings is busy working in side projects, stock for events and special collaborations, so sometimes updating the store will take about 2 months.


Can I order sold out dresses?

Unfortunately no, you can't order old dresses that are already sold out. Most of the time we don't have enough material to make more outfits, but maybe in the future, we can make similar ones, so please, stay tune.


How long ChuThings takes to make my order?

Remember that ChuThings it's an only person worker store, this means it take time to make all orders and take care of the quality of the product. The regular time to finish all pre orders is about 3-4 weeks, if more time it's required you will be notified by email. Once the orders are ready we will email you to let you know your order is on your way.


The dress I ordered it's the same as pictured in the pre order photos?

Yes, The materials such as lace, trims, buttons and fabrics are the same as pictured in the pre order photos. However, take in consideration that each item it's handmade; so you can find small differences between your dress and the one in the photo such as difference between how the pattern of the fabric is placed in the dress (we always try to keep it has similar and balanced as in the photos) and other minor differences.

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