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Blythecon Japan 2016 Resume

What a wonderful event was Blythecon Japan in Tokyo. It was so wonderful to meet so many beautiful and talented people around the world united by their love for Blythe.

The blythecon team organised first a pre meeting the day before the event so we were able to meet each other share some words with our dolly friends who traveled from lots of places to attend to the very first Blythecon in Japan ever.

Next day, saturday the 25 th of June, early morning everyone went to the Nakano Congresquare building, just around the corner from the Nakano train station. Vendors has the chance to unfold their booths from 10:00 am; the event was open to the general public at 11:30 am.

Before opening time, was a nice moment to get in touch with the other vendors, share some words, took some photos (yay!) and see their displays and beautiful crafted items that they will have for sale.

When the doors open for general public, you just saw a sea of people! wow! was such an incredible frame to watch. People entered and go in to the vendors to start getting stuff for their beloved plastic girls. At the con you were able to find from art inspired by Blythe (like necklaces, little purses, paints) to dioramas and props for your dolls; and of course, lot's of dolly outfits and accessories made by people around the world and united in Tokyo under the same roof for one entire day!

I enjoyed so much meeting and chatting with the people who kindly walked to my table. Some old friends, some new ones! I felt tears of joy. I am very happy and feel lucky to be part of such a beautiful community that can find joy and happiness within the hobby and make good friends no matter the language and distances. That's the beauty of Blythe.

Thank you so much dolly friends! for those who went there and of course for those who miss it, hope to catch up with you too any time somewhere :). Here some photos of the event.

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